Are there any types of business that are not acceptable?

Yes, there are.

To start with, we will not provide any company formation or management services to Politically Exposed Persons, i.e. individuals, who are members of any state or municipal governments of any country or who are high-ranking government officers, or any persons who are closely related to them. However, subject to elevated scrutiny, we may accept business from retired holders of public office. In such cases it must be sufficiently evident that the new Cyprus company has a well defined and rational business purpose which has absolutely no relationship with the prior government position of the owner.

As far as business objects are concerned, we will not provide Cyprus company formation services for clients who purport to raise funds from general public while avoiding to be licensed and regulated as investment managers, or in any other way attempt to circumvent the legal licensing requirements in regulated areas like investment management, securities trading, insurance, banking and other financial services. We will not provide our services to companies trading in weapons, ammunition or military technology. We will not register political and social organizations, non-profit organizations and charities.

We will usually refuse to register a company for multi-level marketing operations.

In general, we may refuse the provision of any services, at any time, if it appears that our client has been dishonest with us and has withheld materially important information. If the client has intentionally misled us in respect to his source of funds, intended area of business, or if this business appears to be compromising on legality in any way, we will resign immediately.