How much do you need to know about my intended business?

Not too much – keeping in mind that any new business is technically a startup. Generally, we need to know what are the intended operational objects of your new Cyprus company – what is its intended business model, from what sources and through what activities does it expect to generate earnings?

Knowing this in advance sometimes prevents potential trouble – as in cases when the intended business model is one requiring a special licence (such as most financial services). Sometimes, we could also suggest some adjustments to the corporate structure of your Company if we know what exactly you are trying to achieve. In any case, to register a Cyprus company you don’t need to come up with any commercially sensitive information, names of your potential clients, detailed product descriptions or anything to that extent. We simply need to know, in broad terms, the expected geographical area of operations of the Company, the expected levels of turnover and the principal activities. Again, in many occasions this knowledge may allow us to give you some suggestions as to the most appropriate structure or usage of your newly incorporated Cyprus company.